Air Handling Units

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GÜNTER air-conditioning stations have a modular structure, thus enabling easy transport and mounting - demounting in all types of locafıons. The skeleton structure is made of special forged aluminum profiles with 6063 (AIMgSio 5) and with special injection corner elements with Zamak alloy. Aluminum profiles and corner elements are fixed with concealed bolt connections, thus giving a rigid structure to the air-conditioning station skeleton. The skeleton structure so prepared is supported with support profile elements according to the dimensions, reducing lid dimensions and strengthening the standard body against high pressures. EPDM seals are installed under the panel boards of installed air-conditioning stations to ensure air tightness.

In standard application, the panels of station cell and intervention lids are manufactured from galvanized sheet, with a double-wall external surface of 1,00 - 1,20 or 1,50 mm and with an internal surface of 0,60 mm, depending on the station capacity and size. If so requested, supervision glass can be mounted on the lids. Between the walls, DIN - 4201 A1 class stone wool, and glass wool of 50 kg/m³ density are placed as an insulation material against the sound and heat.

Outside coating of the panels is painted with electrostatic powder paint in standard application. Optionally, PVC coated sheet or galvanized sheet manufacturing can also be made.

Door handles and hinge system are applied to the intervention doors in order to ensure easy opening and closing (the number of door handles and hinge depend on the cell size).

Bottom base of the equipment is suited to the air-conditioning station size, made of galvanized sheet at 90 mm height and transport holes are allowed at the base corners for easy transport.