Jet Nozzle





GJN-A   : Günter Jet Nozzle Type-A

GJN-B   : Günter Jet Nozzle Type-B

MATERIAL : Jet nozzles are manufactured from aluminum sheet plates by means of brimming.

USAGE : Jet nozzles are the equipments that allow throwing the air to the long distances at high flow rates. In plants with high ceilings, they ensure that the air is fed to the living areas rapidly with minimum heat loss. Blowing opening is capable of rotating around itself by 360°. In order to ensure comfort conditions, cold air is sprayed upwards in summer and hot air is sprayed downwards in winter, thus ensuring a homogeneous air distribution.

COATING STANDARD : In standard application, materials are painted with Electrostatic Powder Paint and then oven-treated following surface treatment and oil removal processes. It also possible to apply Aluminum anodized coating option upon request. Click here for color catalog.

FIELD OF USE : It is used in all ventilation systems where acoustic intensity is high.

ASSEMBLY : The products are manufactured with mounting holes in standard application.