Quadrangle Air Damper



GDHD    : Günter Quadrangle Air Damper

MATERIAL : Aluminum profile made of an alloy (6063, ETIAL-60, AlMgSi0.5) bye extrusion method. It can also be manufactured from galvanized sheet upon request.

USAGE : Air Damper; external frame is made of 1,20 mm galvanized sheet, the pallets are made of special forged aluminum profile, and damper mechanism by using plastic gears. The plastic gears used have an aerodynamic structure and are resistant againts wearing, and the pallets move in counter direction with each other by a servomotor or manually. The manufacturing can be made suitable for control method upon request.

COATING STANDARD : In standard application the equipment is manufactured without paint.

FIELD OF USE : It is used in air-conditioning stations, in air ducts and in indoor and outdoor locations requiring air flow adjustment.

ASSEMBLY : In standard application, the products are manufactured in a self-flanged form.