Sand Petainer Shutters



GKTP : Günter Sand Retainer Shutter

MATERIAL : In standard application, sand retainer shutters are made of galvanized sheets. Manufacturing is also possible with DKP sheet or aluminum sheet upon request. If so desired, a square wire screen can be mounted behind the shutter.

USAGE : Sand or dust particles born in the air hit on the panels located vertically and traversal to each other and are collected at the shutter base. They are then removed through the discharge holes in the bottom frame. Generally it is used as a preliminary and auxiliary filter behind the Shutter unit. Using them alone is not recommended.

COATING STANDARD : In standard application, materials are painted with electrostatic powder paint and then oven-treated following surface treatment and oil removal processes. Click here for color catalog.

FIELD OF USE : Used as a preliminary and auxiliary filter behind the Shutter unit in locations vvhere sand or dust intensity is high.

ASSEMBLY: In standard application, the products are manufactured vvith mounting holes, and they are mounted using screws.