MODEL    :

GKTS-K    : Günter Duct Type Silencer, Slide Type

GKTTS-ST : Günter Duct Type Silencer, Cylindrical Type

MATERIAL : In silencer equipments, the frame is made of galvanized sheet, sound absorbing elements are coated with DIN 4102 A2 class glass wool of 50 kg/m³ density, which is fireproof and not humidity-absorbing. The insulation surfaces in contact with air are coated with a glass tulle that prevents surface erection in air speeds of up to 20 m/s. Duct type silencers are equipped with ready-on flanges at the front and rear sections in order to allow mounting in the duct.

USAGE : Used to reduce the possible noises inside ventilation systems to levels that do not distrub human ear.


FIELD OF USE : Regulator slide type silencers are mounted inside the station cell in air-conditioning stations. If a square ventilation duct is employed in the ventilation system, then regulator slide type silencers are used; otherwise, cylindrical type silencers are employed in locations where axial aspirators or circular ducts are used.

ASSEMBLY : In air-conditioning stations, regulator slide is mounted inside the station cell, while it is mounted in the duct by means of a flange in between-duct applications.