Spherical Air Damper




GYHD   : Günter Spherical Air Damper

MATERIAL : Circular air dampers are made of galvanized or aluminum sheet. A flap lever and servomotor can be used as the control mechanism.

USAGE : Circular air dampers reduces or increases the air by means of the flap lever located on the equipment. There is a graduation mark on the Flap lever to aid air adjustment. This way, desired level of air can be adjusted by the dampers. 

COATING STANDARD : Circular air dampers are manufactured from galvanized sheet or aluminum sheet, without paint. 

FIELD OF USE : These types of air dampers are used to ensure proper air distribution in ventilation systems where circular ducts are employed.

ASSEMBLY : Mounting of circular air dampers can be made by means of a flange, or by placing them inside the circular duct and by screwing.