Square Ceiling Diffuser





GKTD-S   : Günter Square Ceiling Diffuser, without Damper

GKTD-ZD : Günter Square Ceiling Diffuser, with Damper of Counter Panels

GKTD-KT : Günter Square Ceiling Diffuser, suitable for Clip-in ceiling

MATERIAL : Aluminum profile made of an alloy (6063, ETIAL - 60, AIMgSi0.5) by extrusion method. It can also be manufactured from DKP sheet or galvanized sheet upon request.

USAGE : Square diffuser; is capable of spreading the air in a wide and narrovv spaces. Diffuser pallets can be manufactured with the capability of spreading the air in 1 direction, 2 directions, 3 directions and 4 directions as required. Panel elements (pallets) can be mounted to and removed from the frame by spring pins. Thanks to this feature it is possible to intervene with the rear section of the pallet. Grill damper with counter wings can be adjusted with a damper wrench.  

COATING STANDARD : In standard application, materials are painted with Electrostatic Powder Paint and then oven-treated following surface treatment and oil removal processes. Aluminum anodized coating and oven paint options are also available upon request. Click here for color catalog. 

FIELD OF USE : It is used in suction and blowing sections in the ventilation system, mostly in suspended ceilings of 60X60 cm for blowing purposes.

ASSEMBLY : In standard application, the products are manufactured with mounting holes and mounted using mounting screws. In situations where screw holes are not desired, a latched system can be applied.