Synthetic Air Filters



GSHF - KS : Günter Synthetic Air Filter , Casette Type

GSHF - KN : Günter Synthetic Air Filter , Duct Type

MATERIAL : EU2 - EU3 - EU4 class filter , frame made of aluminum , galvanized and stainless sheets , Galvanized or stainless steel square wire screen.

USAGE : It is used to clean the air by retaining fine dust particles born in the dry air. EU2 - EU3 - EU4 class filters are placed among the square wire screen by a zigzag twist. This zigzag twist ensures increased air contact surface and higsest filtering performance. When it is required to replace filter material , the mounting screws on the frame are loosened and the filter is removed from the framing case , and the filter is replaced.

COATING : Unpainted.

FIELD OF USE : Synthetic type air are used as preliminary filters in air - conditioning stations , in fresh air supply to living areas , in paint - shop applications , in laboratories and in exhaust applications whit high dust intensity,

ASSEMBLY :  In air - conditioning stations , it is mounted by placing on the slides locatedinside the filter cell. In between - duct applications , it is mounted on the duct by means of a flange. The filter casette is places inside the slide in order to mount the unit.