Ventilator and Aspirator Units



Return and feeding air fans are selected in double-suction, radial type. The fans can be classified as forward-curved crowded blades and backward-curved apart blades (If the total pressure is below 1.000 Pa, selection is made as forward-curved crowded blades, and if the pressure is above 1.000 Pa, then backward-curved apart blades are selected).

Günter or Nicotra made fans are used in aspiratör and ventilator. The fans are driven with a belt - pulley system. Fan bodies are made of galvanized sheet. Static and dynamic balances of the fans are ensured properly. The rims are used in two different types, as conical fixing bastion and stud type. Fan and motors are connected to aspiratör or ventilator cell by means of two U- shaped chasses made of galvanized sheet. In order to absorb the vibration between the chassis, rubber wedges or vibration absorbing type springs are used, thus the vibrations occurring in the fan are not transmitted to the cell.

V-stretching mechanism is used in order to adjust motor assembly or belt - pulley unit. As the canvas material is attached to the fan with a flange, the fan can be removed from inside the cell without damaging the connector when it is required to dismount the fan.

Cabin Dimensions of Ventilator and Aspirator

Direction of Fan Cell